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Urban Yogini's founder…Elisa Dias Sweigart, now being referred by her Spiritual name - Raminderpreet Kaur-established her Yoga therapy practice in Los Angeles, CA in 2000. Since 2003, she works almost exclusively within the Cancer Community offering balance, flexibility, strength and centering through a series of asanas (postures) breathing techniques and mindful attention and focus. Additionally, she offers Meditation and Guided Imagery to individuals while receiving infusions, or to those unable to physically keep up with a Yoga practice. Raminderpreet has integrated the Yoga practice with principles of Spiritual Psychology (MA, USM-2005) creating a completely wholistic approach to mental/emotional/physical healing and well-being. She currently has relationships with six hospitals, wellness centers, and/or support centers throughout Los Angeles and is completely Bilingual (English/Spanish).

The core of every fruit is better than its rind; Consider the body to be the rind, And it's friend the spirit, to be the core. After all, the Human Being has a precious core; Seek it, inspired by the Divine breath - RUMI


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